The Cleaning Agent

A multi-disciplinary, site-adaptive live performance and film by Margaret Laurena Kemp with Narrative Score by Jesse Allison, in collaboration with the custodial staff of Louisiana State University. This work explodes the nature of art and divisions of labor as they relate to agency and identity.

Cleaning and the cleaning agent is a job title and job description that serves to delineate contemporary class and culture. To clean, is not only to complete the process of removing what others have already discarded or to re-arrange a space, but to reflect quite openly on the limitations of individualism and class.


Margaret Laurena Kemp [writer | performer | director | producer]

Jesse Allison [sound design | composition | performer | producer]

T´Keyah Crystal Keymáh [producer]

Derick Ostrenko [video]

GOODESIGN [graphic design]

written, directed by Margaret Laurena Kemp
narrative score written and performed by Jesse Allison