Final Wisdom I

August 10, 2010

Final Wisdom I

Final Wisdom I is an interactive installation engaging viewers in a sensory exploration of temporal and spatialized poetry. Participants manipulate imagery, sound and language through their gesture, touch and proximity. The work is engaged through a framework of cameras and sensors that react to heat, pressure, position, and capacitance – presenting a shifting environment of reactive media and haptics.

The interaction with the work was designed to augment the feeling of loss and separation in the poetry and enhance the connection between the participant and the content of the work. Technologically, the piece uses a thermal camera to track the hand and arm position above the projection. The projection surface itself is memory foam which creates a physical impression when pressed. The entire projection surface acts as a capacitive sensor so that proximity and contact can be effectively tracked. Experientially, as a participant places their hand above the projection surface, they are removed from the projection, causing a shadow. This shadow effect lags slightly behind the motion of the arm, furthering the feeling of disconnect in the work. As one touches and presses into the surface, the poetry visually and aurally emerges surrounding the work. A rumbling occurs under the feet and within the projection surface which builds as the work is engaged for longer periods of time. This rumbling transfers through the hands and feet to further the discomfort of the experience. As the participant removes the hand, a heat/contact trail slowly withdraws from the projection to return to the undisturbed video state. The interaction forces one to engage in the separation and loss through physically pressing into the work, leaving one's impression to slowly be lost again over time. -JA

Final Wisdom I was exhibited at Siggraph 2010 and is the work of artists Hans Breder and John Fillwalk, poetry by critic Donald Kuspit, music by composer Carlos Cuellar Brown and interactivity/haptic feedback and immersive sound design by Jesse Allison. This project is produced through the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts at Ball State University in collaboration with the Institute for Digital Fabrication. Special thanks to IDF/CAP students Matthew Wolak, Christopher Baile and Claire Matucheski, and Assistant Professor of Architecture Joshua Vermillion.

Artist Talk from Siggraph 2010

Final Wisdom Documentation at IDIALab