Flickr Gettr

March 30, 2011

Flickr Gettr

Flickr Gettr v4 is an immersive media experience that connects participants with the social image repository of Flickr. It consists of a rotating floating image set that is dynamically pulled from Flickr. As each image spawns, it generates a sound which in aggregation, parallels the cumulous environment of imagery surrounding the viewer. Historical tags and searches are synthetically spoken and added to the sonic experience.

The Ars Electronica version of the installation will consist of a projection or large flat screen display and surround sound. An iPad will be available, but users will be prompted to engage the installation through their own mobile devices by navigating to the interface web site (or taking a picture of a QR code). From there, they can have individual browsing experiences, but influence the collaborative sonic and video environment.

Flickr Gettr positions virtual worlds as a platform to navigate media in the information metaverse. Hybrid worlds have the potential to position the Internet as a three-dimensional information and communication platform where live data can flow in and out to visualize, contextualize, communicate, and to inspire.

Flickr Gettr v4 uses a multi-modal interaction/viewing environment to expand engagement to virtual worlds, mobile devices, and hybrid experiences. As such, the artwork exists in 3 spheres. In Second Life, leverages the new SL shared-media plugin architecture to provide rich spatially integrated web experiences. It can be viewed at IDIALab in Second Life

A decent overview of FlickrGettr v4:

The work has also been displayed at Techfest 2010-Mumbai and the Intermedia Festival in Indianapolis as a Cave environment with a touch screen pedestal for navigation.

This installation will make use of the newly created mobile device navigation that provides personal control over a shared artistic experience.

IDIA Lab Documentation of v4

Draxtor Despres interviews collaborator John Fillwalk on the latest version of Flickr Gettr.

IDIA Lab documentation of original Flickr Gettr Installations