Nexus | Rails, HTML5, and Distributed Interfaces

December 19, 2010

Nexus | Rails, HTML5, and Distributed Interfaces

Nexus is a way to use Rails to distribute GUIs to many users across many platforms using HTML5, Javascript and AJAX to provide successful user interaction.

It makes large scale collaborative performance possible through a browser - something that many people have at home, in their bag, or carry in their pocket. If you would like a more concrete example, or are from the Olympic committee, please take a look here: How this might be used.

NIME 2011 Workshop Presentation

Associated files for the Workshop presentation above:

Rails Delayer Application (with simple button example and Max Patch)

Compiled Example Max Application for the Mac

SEAMUS 2011 Presentation

This presentation covers the thought behind using rails to distribute interfaces to participants, and some of the details of that proceedure.

Paper: Distributed Performance Systems Using HTML5 and Rails |Quicktime file of keynote presentation

Take a look at some thoughts here. . .

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