February 13, 2013


Vision|Sight is a meditation on the relationship between seeing and understanding. A piece that uses eye movements to sing and giant retinas to gaze into the audience, yet ignoring the performers just below them. The performers must be so transfixed on playing the instrument that they cannot witness the visual result of their actions.

This piece is composed for 5 laptop performers. The instrument uses eye tracking to sing a quintet and generate a piercing disembodied video which hovers above the ensemble. Compositionally, it is divided into seven 5 pitch segments that act as a mode expanding from a central location. There are also 7 motives that can be performed at each position and the overlapping melodic fragments define the sound of the work. At a few climactic moments, the performers synchronize in shared visions.

Vision|Sight is a part of the collective performance Perception which incorporates audience interaction into the performance. Funny enough, this is the one portion of Perception that is performed solely by the laptop ensemble.