May 30, 2012



In a paradigm that parallels addiction, our society's mass communications are designed for conveying entertainment that brings viewers back for more. Once a media source reaches a critical mass of attraction and influence, it flourishes. Below that point, it just becomes another Nielsen casualty. It is a difficult relationship between mass appeal and media that is intended to bring knowledge and understanding e.g. news and documentary. The informational can be pushed towards sensational in an attempt to reach and maintain critical mass.

Saxophone, recorded media, and mediated live processing navigate these relationships:

  • critical [ mass media ]
  • [critical mass ] media
  • [ critical mass media ]

    Look at it how you will.


    This composition, composed for phenomenal saxophonist Griffin Campbell, is a romp through the morays of mass media today. Called a fascinating and sometimes violent electroacoustic piece, it allows the performer to work out some aggression towards media coverage, as well as the audience. It was premiered at the North American Saxophone Alliance in March of 2012.

    A real-time video version is currently in the works. More details to follow

    First page of the score

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