Machine Learning | Deep Learning

July 27, 2016

Machine Learning | Deep Learning

If you haven’t heard about Machine Learning and Deep Learning yet, it is a technology that is going to be a significant factor in the way humans interact with computers for decades to come. If you are an experimental artist, you should consider being exposed to the fundamentals of these tools to see how it might affect your own practice or afford new ones.

If you are interested further, here are two courses from Kadenze that you can take for free to get involved in this area. The first is a course by our guest this week at LSU, Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink, the creator of the Wekinator for using machine learning to create OSC messages from gestures. These can be sent on to anything that receives OSC to create digital art. The second is a Deep Learning course on TensorFlow. -- Google's open source tool for deep learning. This one is is a bit deeper and focuses on visual data, but will provide an understanding of the tools as they stand now.

Machine Learning for Musicians and Artists

Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow