Humming Mississippi @ LSU MOA

November 11, 2013

Humming Mississippi @ LSU MOA

Digital Artist Derick Ostrenko and I have been collaborating for the last few months on a scientific data sonification/visualization/fabrication dealing with the Mississippi River. It is now complete and installed at the LSU Museum of Art and will be part of the LSU Faculty Show, "Right Here, Now" opening Thursday November 14th at 6pm on the 5th floor of the Shaw Center, continuing through February 16th.

Humming Mississippi

Derick Ostrenko and Jesse Allison turned a section of the Mississippi River into a new sonic sculpture called Humming Mississippi. In collaboration with Dr. Clint Willson from LSU Civil Engineering a LIDAR scan of the Mississippi River floor was used to mill 18 miles of riverbed into individual planks of wood. Small transducers attached to the back of each plank transform the board into a speaker colored by the individual characteristics of the wood. The audio composition is generated based off the contours of the river in addition to real time river data such as temperature, salt content and flow rate.