Electric LaTex 2010

October 29, 2010

Electric LaTex 2010

Electric LaTex was hosted at Tulane this year. All the concerts went beautifully, so many props to the Tulane Team - Tae Hong Park and David Hyman especially.

LSU had a strong showing with 6 pieces across the 3 concerts. Two Tape works - Nick Hwang's Pop Reference and Yemin Oh's Dropping adorned the first concert with acousmatically interpreted disfunctional relationship and pointillist water sounds respectively. The second concert contained Yemin Oh's Deterministic Chaos a piece for video and 4 channel audio that nicely ties the granularity of the audio to the granular nature of the abstract video and Korean war themes. The concert also featured Jeff Albert's acousmatic work I have nothing to say a nice abstract work based off of samples from his children, although hopefully bearing little resemblance to them post processing. The last concert kicked off with the Three Computeers Improv - Nick Hwang, Jeff Albert, and Corey Knoll. This group used a laptop performance instrument call GUA developed by Nick Hwang and Corey Knoll in conjunction with Jeff Albert's Trombone and Joystick instruments, Kitchen utensils and a short speech about the origins of LaTex made by the inimitable Stephen David Beck prior to the start of the concert. A very nice experience ending with, "the faculty meet to have a beer," or something to that effect. Corey Knoll finished things out with Mueza a piece utilizing cat samples named after Ghandi's cat whom he had a particular affinity for.

Nice work all! I look forward to next year's event at UT Austin.