Cinema for the Ears Concert

October 18, 2010

Cinema for the Ears Concert
You're invited to LSU's Cinema for the Ears concert is tonight at 7:30 PM, Manship Theatre, at the Shaw Center for the Arts in downtown Baton Rouge. We will perform experimental music and sonic art by Appleton, Applebaum, Smalley, Beck, Allison, Albert, Bolte, Park and Knoll on our internationally renowned 27-channel audio sound theatre. The system's capabilities far exceed typical movie theater sound quality and provide a unique immersive listening experience for the audience. This will be our only C4tE concert for 2010, so please don't miss the show. The concert will have cabaret-style seating and a casual approach to encourage questions and discussions about this unique genre of music. Cinema for the Ears is a collaboration between the LSU School of Music, the Center for Computation & Technology and the AVATAR Initiative in Digital Media. Tickets are still available at