Music Forum Presentation

October 15, 2010

Music Forum Presentation

Presentation on October 15th at the College of Music and Dramatic Arts.

October 15, 1-2 @ MDA 247

"Extensions of the Possible - Exploring the Improbable: Recent Work in Interactive Computer Music"
Dr. Jesse Allison


Sonic Art is undergoing significant changes as electronic artists are finding new ways to approach the creation and performance of sound - in essence, new approaches to creating instruments. With the ubiquity of powerful yet accessible programming languages, libraries for tracking all sorts of user input, the plethora of mobile computing platforms, and easily programmable microcontrollers like the Arduino, sonic artists are having a heyday exploring interface and what these things can do to the traditional performance paradigms.

This presentation will focus on trends in instrument design in sonic art such as computer augmented acoustic instruments, distributed performance systems incorporating virtual worlds, and web application based instruments, as they are demonstrated in a few recent works.