the art projects of Sonic Artist Jesse Allison

September 30, 2016

May 15, 2013


Traversal is a series of Hybrid World interactive installations and performances created by myself and John Fillwalk from the BSU IDIA

The theme of the series was traversing the void between the virtual world of Second Life and the physical world. This was done connecting physical interactions within the virtual world (like touch, movement, walking...

February 14, 2013



February 14, 2013


Vision|Sight is a meditation on the relationship between seeing and understanding. A piece that uses eye movements to sing and giant retinas to gaze into the audience, yet ignoring the performers just below them. The performers must be so transfixed on playing the instrument that they cannot witness the visual result of their actions.

This piece is composed for 5 laptop performers....

May 30, 2012



In a paradigm that parallels addiction, our society's mass communications are designed for conveying entertainment that brings viewers back for more. Once a media source reaches a critical mass of attraction and influence, it flourishes. Below that point, it just becomes another Nielsen casualty. It is a difficult relationship between mass appeal and media...

November 21, 2011

Perception Overview

The work can be divided into three thematic sections, a Triptych of sorts: granularity, recognition/categorization, and reflection.

Granularity deals with the perceptual discontinuity between events or moments in time and the flow of those events over time. Visually, we have an analog of seeing wheels that appear to go backwards when they...

June 01, 2011

Until I have time to make something more permanent, here is a sample of my compositional work.

March 31, 2011

Flickr Gettr v4 is an immersive media experience that connects participants with the social image repository of Flickr. It consists of a rotating floating image set that is dynamically pulled from Flickr. As each image spawns, it generates a sound which in aggregation, parallels the cumulous environment of imagery surrounding the viewer. Historical tags and searches are synthetically spoken...

December 19, 2010

Pixie is a fairly simple distributed performance work utilizing a rails application, html5 user interface objects, and MaxMSP to distribute small performance interface to many people.
December 19, 2010


Nexus is a way to use Rails to distribute GUIs to many users across many platforms using HTML5, Javascript and AJAX to provide successful user interaction.

It makes large scale collaborative performance possible through a browser - something that many people have at home, in their bag, or carry in their pocket. If you would like a more concrete example, or are from the Olympic...

April 12, 2011

Final Wisdom I is an interactive installation engaging viewers in a sensory exploration of temporal and spatialized poetry. Participants manipulate imagery, sound and language through their gesture, touch and proximity. The work is engaged through a framework of cameras and sensors that react to heat, pressure, position, and capacitance – presenting a shifting environment of reactive media...